Tricks of the Trade

A couple technique videos we posted.  They highlight the connivence and effectiveness of having such a nicely married heavy iron set.  We will be adding more technique and tool specific videos as we move along.  Remember these are all tools for the tool box that you may need to employ someday!  Stay safe brothers and sisters!


Product Debut - FDIC

Wow! What wonderful chaos that was FDIC!  We are so glad we finally got just a few production models to debut at the show.  Thanks to everyone that stopped by our booth and let us show off the Fire Maul™!  Thanks to our friends Greg, Bob, and Monroe for helping us get the word out on this awesome tool!  We will be shipping this month!  Can't wait for you all to have the world's very first Fire Maul™!
A very special thanks to Rooftop Angels for stopping by...

Because Physics

Why use a Fire Maul™? Because physics!

Take a look at our impact test we did on 5/8" plywood.  The Fire Maul™ delivers more impact force than any tool on the fire service market!

Bar Notch

Taking a look at how well the Fire Maul™ can accommodate various types of halligan bars.  Simply set the tools with a bump on the head and they become a singular unit.  Reverse and drop to release the tools!   A great we to keep a powerful irons set with you!




Knock Knock

Rolling out some of our latest video showing the effectiveness of the Fire Maul™ as a forcible entry tool.

We can't wait to show you more!!