We have been getting some questions about how well the Fire Maul™ is paired with different types of halligans.  Although we are editing footage for our next video that shows the different capabilities, we thought we would put this picture out there.  It shows how a tight lock with both the standard Pro-Bar and the Maxximus allows for an easy carry with one hand.

They loved it...

Rise Above Fire Training, LLC featured the Fire Maul™ in their Irons Class.  We are happy to report the class loved it and were very impressed with the capabilities!

More than plywood..

We wanted to display the tool being used on a tough multilayered roof.  We also wanted to feature smooth easy technique as oppose to all out bring the house down effort.  The Fire Maul™ allows you to get a lot of work done with ease.

Haters will indeed hate...

Although our man with the axe took some grief, we were happy to get this comparison video out there.  The superior performance of the Fire Maul™ still displayed here and had over 36K views in just a couple days!


Detroit getting some use...