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The OG Fire Maul is undergoing a redesign for new updated release in 2020.  Please check back for updates.  See the original product listing below:  

Get your hands on the new workhorse of the Fire Department!  Your newest tool engineered to do more!

Finally the fire service has a maul designed specifically for our job!  Open roofs easier.  Force doors faster.  Smash your way in or out!

Made in the USA!  Each tool is hand assembled, individually inspected and tuned for the perfect balance.  We hone each blade to meet both an ideal sharpness and provide a single contact point for cutting.  

Every Fire Maul® comes with a FREE FireWrap® Grip Kit so you can set up your grip how you want it with preferred Lacing Ring placement and as much or as little grit as you want.  Make it yours!   (Of course we can install the FireWrap® in house for a fee if you don't want to deal with it)

We finally finish with a special blend of oil rubbed into each handle sealing and protecting it for years to come.  Each Fire Maul® becomes a direct representation of who we are as a company, fueled by quality, pride, and tradition!

The Fire Maul® features a 9.3 lb head of carbon alloy steel forged in Chicago, IL.  The head is then heat treated to a maximum hardness for a lifetime of destructive power.  It is paired with our Collar Shield to give you the ultimate handle protection from overstrikes and damage.  Our Collar Shield comes in two material options:

ST - Steel Collar Shield - 1 lb.  Total Head Weight: 10.3 lbs.

LT - High Strength Aluminum - 0.2 lb.  Total Head Weight:  9.5 lbs.  + $5

The Fire Maul is available in lengths of 30", 32", or 36" with our Hickory Handle.  (Length is full measurement of tool from bottom of handle to top surface.)

 Our FireWrap® Grip Kit is included with every Fire Maul®.  Our grip system features our custom lacing rings, permanent fiber tape wrap, and our Liquid Grip - special Anti-Slip Liquid Polymer Coating.

HYBRID OPTION - Fully wrapped handles in our extra durable FireWrap® Tape!  The lightness of hickory paired with the strength of composite!   Using our custom process, we can make any wooden handle or design a HYBRID HANDLE!   More color options coming!


NOW AVAILABLE - Fire Maul End Cap!  Add on to purchase and we will factory install.  The End Cap is designed to protect the bottom of our 32" and 36" handles during heavy use as an iron set with halligan bar.


**Halligan Tool NOT included in purchase.** 

*Due to added options, each Fire Maul® is made to order, please allow up to 10-15 business days prior to shipping.





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